PeanutButterPigs Guinea Pig Village is an aspiring guinea pig rescue! Currently we have been taking in guinea pigs that have been dumped or rejected from local shelters being too full and attempting to find them loving forever homes! Please follow our journey as we try to become an official rescue and save so many more guinea pigs!

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Meet our rescues: Brownie!


Meet Brownie! She was a dumped guinea pig we got alerted about a month after we received toffee and mocha and from the same location! However, her condition was much worse than theirs...

Brownie was found outside swimming in a lake by an individual out for a walk, We immediately came to pick her up as we were worried about her health. 

She ended up being somewhat healthy however she had an Extremely large bald spot on her side as well as her feet were caked in mud. She was extremely shy, and we were not sure for how long she was outside! It could have been a few hours or even a month if she was dumped by the same people as toffee and mocha, so with her reluctant to eat we started her on critical care right away!

During her quarantine, we kept her in a much smaller enclosure to monitor her health as she still was not willing to explore, it was extremely difficult to get her to eat any sort of snacks

However being able to hear the other piggies get excited about food she slowly started to get excited about it too!

one week progress on bald spot, showing the growth we believed it to be from self-barbering due to stress.

we decided to extend her quarantine just to watch how this spot progressed and to continue to socialize her as she was making little progress.

3-week progress on bald spot! It looked almost completely healed! However she was still not making good progress on her socialization... For the time being we deemed her unstable for adoption into a small herd.

and then after spending so much time with her I gave in and decided to adopt her into my personal herd...
with her temperament, I felt that with the other pigs around she would grow into a braver girl.

and that is exactly what happened!

She has now greatly opened up and is best friends with all four of my girls! She follows them everywhere, tries to cuddle with them, and has now grown brave enough to ask to be hand fed some yummy treats!

I am so proud of her progress into such a beautiful and confident girl!

We ended up renaming her potato to match all the other girls P names!

Pickle, Potato, Pip and Baby Pig

I guess all she needed was some friends!

Meet our rescues: Rupert!


Meet Rupert! He was our very first male guinea pig we have ever had the joy of caring for! 

Rupert was surrendered to us by a nice lady who had him in her care for about 5 months, trying to find him a new home with little success, and shelters refusing to accept him due to them being at full capacity. She received Rupert after being approached by a man in a Walmart parking lot demanding she take him or else he would kill this poor little guinea pig, Not wanting the worst to happen, she reluctantly took him until she was able to transfer his care to us. He came to us on September 28th 2022

Rupert surprisingly did not have any lasting physical signs of neglect however we did have to proceed with his care cautiously as he was obviously very afraid because of the move. 

Day one with us he went right to hiding and taking naps! He was extremely shy and did not want to come out even for veggies.

However with much persistence he began to open up, accept treats and love from us and even nibble my toes when I cleaned the enclosure above his! He was extremely timid but he loved zooming around, begging for attention and tipping down all his houses.

It was so nice to see him open up into such a snuggly little pig! But soon his quarantine was over and it was time to find him a forever home and so many people where interested in him right away! He went home with a nice couple who was looking for a cagemate for their adorable little pig brownie! 

Now they are together to enjoy each others company!

Rupert loves his new cagemate! 

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Meet our rescues: Toffee and Mocha

We got a call September 7 2022 that someone had discovered two guinea pigs on their daily walk with their dog. These two poor pigs were found huddled together underneath a tree, without a cage or shelter. The man who found them had no experience with guinea pigs so he contacted us in hopes we could care for them. After all, Almost every shelter was full to the brim and no one was accepting any guinea pigs!

We happily accepted these two to provide a dry and safe temporary home for them! With them being girls we decided to keep them for 72 days to watch for any pregnancy, illness, or infections! Despite them being almost 3 pounds, these guinea pigs were very young! based on their nails, we estimated them to be under a year old! So I had lots of work to do

( Photo taken Day 1 in our care) 

We decided to name these sweet girls toffee and mocha! Since they had coffee-colored furr, The first few weeks, they were understandably extremely shy being in a new place, we kept them in their traveling habitat for about two days until adding on the first expansion!

During week one in their expanded enclosure, we really saw the two of them opening up! They became extremely spunky mountain pigs! Always climbing and chewing on whatever they could possibly find! 

We started their socialization training and although hesitant at first they really took to it! Always coming up to get hand-fed treats and pets!

With this the two weeks had past and their health quarantine was cleared! It was time to switch them to their big enclosure to finish up their pregnancy watch! 

We upgraded them to a 2x4 c&C! (Puppy pad was later covered with fleece) 

These two were such incredible guinea pigs to have in my care, They were spunky and brave, always stealing food from each other and causing some sort of mischief! And most importantly, their bond was extremely strong, We believed them to be of the same litter as they did not have an alfa of the group but they really loved each other, frequently cuddling and zooming around with each other! 

Before I knew it 72 days had passed and It was ready to find them their forever home. 

We found an interested family right away and off they went to their next adventure!

Toffee and mocha were adopted Nov 27th 2022 and are now living with their forever family!

A small start

Over 6 years ago I walked into an exotic pet store; little did I know I would meet a sweet little girl that would change my life for the better.

A baby guinea pig had caught my eye, she ran around her habitat surrounded by her siblings, making the happiest little sound. As soon as I picked her up and held her in my palm I knew I had to take her home, So with no experience and knowing next to nothing about guinea pigs I took her home with me.

I was extremely unprepared... but nonetheless, I adored her. I made many mistakes, tested lots of different products, food brands, and tried to learn my guinea pigs' preferences. After some time this herd of one turned into two, and then 3.

biscuit was my very first guinea pig and the one who sparked my love and passion for their care. She lived a happy 5 years and passed of a heart condition April 22 2022.

Now I have 7 happy guinea pigs in my care and I have plans to open a guinea pig rescue to help as many small potatoes as I can. It will mean the world if you will watch over my journey and help support it!